Time is running out for your DUI defense in Colorado Springs!

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Colorado Springs you must retain a DUI Attorney in Colorado Springs to retain your full and complete legal rights BEFORE it’s too late.

Why You Should Hire a Colorado Springs DUI Attorney
The single most important benefit of hiring a DUI lawyer Colorado Springs is that your attorney will provide you with vital and correct advice concerning your case. One of the primary mistakes many suspected DUI offenders make while in police custody or when they face the judge is inadvertently supplying evidence that may possibly incriminate them..As you might guess, this is never good for the defense of any case. A competent and capable DUI  attorney Colorado Springs will advise you as to what is appropriate to do and/or say to help the successful defense of the charges drawn up against you for your DUI in Colorado Springs and Teller County. Knowledge and legal experience will go a long way in the successful outcome of your DUI case.

DUI Laws and Your Defense
The Colorado Springs Police and El paso County and Teller County Sheriff must follow strict rules and procedures during any traffic stop. The authorities must have proper cause for any traffic stop, and they must follow Colorado law when collecting evidence and they are legally required to inform you of your rights.

If the Colorado Springs police or Teller County Sheriff didn’t follow the law closely, and abserve every detail of your traffic stop and/or arrest,  you may be able to challenge part or all of the evidence brought against you, including the breath tests.

  • How will you know if your rights have been violated in any way?
  • When should you request an expert to testify on your behalf?

Every DUI case is different, and there are no one-size-fits-all answers. This is precisely why you need a Colorado Springs DUI lawyer representing you every step of the way if you have been charged with a DUI in Colorado Springs or Teller County (including Cripple Creek, Divide and Woodland Park, Colorado.

If you need answers concerning your options for defending yourself against a DUI charge in Colorado Sorings or Teller County (Cripple Creek, Divide or Woodland Park, Colorado), Complete the form below to speak with a local Colorado Springs DUI defense attorney.